Lockers for Cloakrooms

Lockers for Cloakrooms and for Laptops

Cloakroom areas do not need to be the bain of your lives or let down the rest of your lovely school! lockers ARE a solution. Lockers do not take up much space, they are easy for the children to use and prevent any fire hazzard or trip hazzard associated with coats and bags hung on coat pegs, which usually end up on the floor!

The 3/4 height locker is the solution you have dreamed about, as this locker suits ALL age of Primary school children. The Year 6 Chidlren can always have the full height lockers, should they require more space.

Transform Designs Ltd has measured many areas and proivided designs to show how lockers will fit and work within cloakrooms. Using lockers usually frees up more space within your cloakroom and in some schools has provided additional much need teaching spaces or storage areas, which had been taken up by untidy cloakrooms!

Lockers can also be supplied to store laptops, within the classrooms and therefore taking away the requirement to push around combersome trolley’s around a school. The lockers can be fitted within the classroom near a spare electrical socket (Or we can fit additional electrical sockets). The locker has a surge protected power lead which plugs into the socket and supplies power to either 5 or 10 laptops. We also supply non-charging laptop lockers and locker solution for any storage problem.

Please see below some examples of lockers we have fitted into school cloakrooms.

Before & After

Other examples