Refurbishment Services

A large proportion of our work is refurbishing many different areas of a school building. Once contacted, we arrange a site visit, where we carry out a measure of the area, offer advice and listen to your requirements. We then give you a detailed quotation and drawing, all free of charge and with NO obligation for you to book work through us! We hope that our reputation and proof of simillar work will intrust us with your valued order.

Please see below a few examples of work we have carried out.

Typical example of School Toilets we have refurbished

Glass Partion walls and Stud walls

Staff Toilets in a High School

Classroom Storage for a Resources/Community Room

Including Primary School Staffroom, Toilets and Kitchen.

We can even do statues on solid marble plinths to create a worship garden!

Large project in High School

We have undertaken a large project of creating two addition classrooms in a High School by using the space above the canteen, by building a mezzanine floor. This involved moving the Schools TV Screens and re-locating them to the new wall, new flooring, electrical & data work, stud partitionion, new doors and decoration.

Special Stainless Steel Floor Standing Trough Sink with Solid Grade Laminate Coloured Panels.


Example of a completed new School Library