Cloakroom top with 8 hooks – CLK007


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Cloakroom top with 8 hooks, supplied in Beech as standard, but available in other finishes (White and Maple).

Dimensions: W1360 x D40 x H200mm

Frames available in: Red, Yellow, Cool Blue, Apple Green, Cyan, Tangerine, Lime, White or Light Grey.

For This unit to be complete, you need to order CLK007, CLK008 & CLKBARS (This is the image as shown). CLK007 is the top section and CLK008 is the bottom section. CLKBARS are the 2 no. Uprights which have holes in the bars to allow you to alter the height of the top compartment (Adjustable in 95mm increments).

CLKBARS cost £32.00. Therefore the total cost for CLK003 + CLK004 + CLKBARS is £ 516.00 + VAT