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The GoCabby Charge & Sync charges 16 USB devices up to 11″ – tablets, POS, Kindle, Android, Surface or any other USB chargeable equipment.
It simultaneously charges & synchronises via a 16 port.
It has a USB A Hub that delivers high-speed charging and syncing saving time when deploying apps, media and content.
Provides device mobility & protection in a hard-wearing lockable flight-case with dual clasp locks, top and side grips and telescopic handle.
It has no boundaries with the ability to connect a WiFi Access Point for the devices to connect to and a double-gang power outlet.
This unit is efficient and intelligent as it auto-detects the exact make and model of the device and charges at the optimum rate.
It never overcharges as it detects when the device battery is full providing trickle charge.
With Support for Life with Lifetime Warranty (5 years electrical), shipped fully assembled.

Managed USB hub/s delivers high-speed data transfer rates for syncing and works independently to the Operating System (OS), data transfer can be performed to all common mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Microsoft.
Simultaneously synchronise devices using MDM software such as Apple Configurator, iTunes and others, saving time when deploying apps, setting up profiles, media and content – Boost+ is transparent to the MDM software and the host computer, the host computer recognises only the mobile devices.
Working independently to the OS you can charge, connect, manage and monitor the state of all ports and attached devices using the Cambrionix LiveViewer App.
Device ID and serial numbers can be associated with port number and charging data to reveal how much charge each device has received, whilst switching between charging and syncing modes.
Enables you to sync (data transfer) and charge the device at an enhanced rate that other USB hubs cannot, most UBS hubs charge devices at a trickle rate while syncing. Our hubs are built differently and offer the valuable feature of being able to charge devices while they are in sync mode
Designed to provide a charge rate of approximately 1.5A in sync mode, by utilising the CDP (Charging Downstream Port) functionality built into our hubs and devices. A normal sync rate charge is 500mA. This is ideal if you need to leave devices connected to a host to sync and charge overnight, as it means they will charge whilst syncing and continue after the data transfer has completed, ensuring the device is fully charged when needed.Pre-wired to accept a WiFi Access Point (not supplied), allowing the GoCabby to be plugged into the LAN, providing a wireless access point for the devices to connect to.
Storage pocket located in the lid to hold the WiFi Access Point and excess cables.Perfect for use in industries such as education, healthcare, scientific research, tech, retail, sport, government that requires a portable charging and solution for tablets.
Manufactured to robust flight case construction using aluminium extrusions, heavy duty steel fittings and high-density hexboard to provide the best protection for your equipment.
Rigid telescopic handle, locks firmly in place with single control button, allowing you to operate with only one hand
Non-marking wheels glide easily with rubber feet to protect floors from scratches when setting the case down and opening
Top and side handles offer extra support when carrying the case up stairs.
Dual point power outlet to power laptop, WiFi router or other accessories.
Additional storage pockets to hold a laptop and other accessories.

Two heavy-duty steel butterfly clasp locks can be secured with padlocks (not supplied).
Lid stays lock the lid in the open position, preventing it from closing during use.
Interior completely lined in foam to protect devices from scratches and scuffs.
Tested to withstand tough usage including undergoing mechanical strength, weight, drop and flammability pressures.
Safety tested and certified by the independent Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL).

Dimensions for the Gocabby Case:

Unit (Charge Only)
835 mm deep x 490 mm wide x 375 mm high

Unit (Charge & Sync)
810mm deep x 570mm wide x 375mm high

Storage compartment:
300 mm deep x 245 mm wide x 320 mm high

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Charge and Sync, Charge Only